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The Big Skill brings Communities together, not only through workshops and courses, but also events - this could be a comedy night, an organised walk or a crafts fair.

Please see below for upcoming events and to book:

A look back at some of our Community Events...

Crafts in the Centre

We are proud to be part of the welcoming community at Saxon Hall with our creative activities.


The Big Skill hopes that by providing our Covid-safe creative sessions, we will help our local community to Remember and Rebuild.

We look forward to unveiling the Remember and Rebuild Sculpture and wildlife garden, at Saxon Hall in Autumn 2021.

Crafts in the Centre

In March 2020 we launched our 'Standing up for Peace Sculpture Project' at Saxon Hall, Hereford. Followed by our 'Remember and Rebuild' monument during lockdown and beyond.


Each Tuesday from 8th September, sculptor Rebecca Buck of Osprey Studios ran sessions on How to Use Clay Modelling, Doodling and Notes to Work out Ideas at Saxon Hall.


There were 2 sessions every Tuesday, one in the morning at 10 am and one in the afternoon at 1.30 pm. Each session was 2.5 hours long.

Participants thoughts on our themes of 'Peace' and 'Remember and Rebuild' are being communicated through representative and abstract forms of special relevance to this local community and its social heritage.


Clay sculptures made during these community Workshops have inspired and shaped the final architectural ceramic forms, garden landscaping and seating which will be placed at Saxon Hall on completion in Summer 2021.

Using clay is direct and easy - everyone can join in.

We would like to thank Bulmer Gilmour Fund via Hereford Community Foundation for their support for our project launch.


With thanks to Herefordshire's a Great Place for funding the online design phase of the sculptures during Covid-19 lockdown.


'Remember and Rebuild' is funded by the National Lotteries Covid-19 Community Response Fund. 


Herefordshire City Council has kindly funded the clay and materials to create the final sculptures. Due to be unveiled in Summer 2021.

Funding applications to further develop this project during 2020-2021 are in hand. Please contact Trevor for Mosiac Memory Tile Sponsorship opportunities, or with offers of substantial individual Gifts.

In February 2020 we launched our 'Coffee, Crafts and Chat' sessions.

These tasters introduce various craft practitioners to a new audience. Giving an opportunity for people to share their skills, or just to chill with a cup of coffee in good company.

Hosted at local community centres and cafes in Hereford and the Welsh Borders. With the aim of setting up community craft hubs, where individuals have the opportunity to develop their creative skills.

Recycle Repair Redesign: We recently provided craft workshops to support Hereford Green Network's 'Make do and Mend' Cafes and the Repair Cafe in Abergavenny.

If your group are based in the Hereford area or the Welsh Borders and would like a taster session at your venue, school or village hall, then we may be able to offer you a discounted rate per session.

We are able to take bookings for Autumn 2020, in line with Coronavirus social distancing rules.

'Coffee, Crafts and Chat' is supported by The National Lottery Community Fund.


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Local crafts for local people; workshops to inspire the next generation; centres for hands on rural crafts & skills training. With our Artisan & Craft Guide we aim to highlight crafts that are the heart of the community, with information of programmes & centres where craft workshops & training are being held. To have your centre, training or workshop included email us at the Big Skill, or send a message from our Facebook page. 

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