Craft your Mosaic Memory Tile
at the Golden Jubilee Hall in Redhill

on Tuesday 1st June and Tuesday 8th June

between 12pm and 3pm

Hosted by our Accessible Crafts Group. Clay, tools and instruction provided. Your tiles will go around the base of the Remember and Rebuild Sculpture at Saxon Hall. Which is expected to be erected this Autumn.


Thanks to Redhill Residents Association for the temporary venue.

(Directions - go down Stanberrow Road, turn into Greencroft from Standale Road. On the right, opposite Marlbrook School is Golden Jubilee Hall, Redhill Residents Association. HR2 7HT.)

This is a covid-safe workshop, with distanced seating, face masks and hand sanitiser.

Sessions and refreshments sponsored by the Blakemore Foundation.

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Remember and Rebuild Sculpture at Osprey

Be a lasting part of our Remember and Rebuild Sculpture
With your very own Mosaic Memory Tile

Bringing together hand-made messages of kindness and warmth from all around Hereford. That capture our community's memories of lockdown.


The Remember and Rebuild sculpture at Saxon Hall in Hereford will be 2.2 metres high so you can stand inside it. The base will be our familiar  2 metre wide circle. Covered in a beautiful spiral pattern of 2020 handcrafted Mosaic Memory Tiles, made of kiln-fired stoneware clay.

Making tiles with clay is really fun for any age group and they always look wonderful! You can make any shape you like and decorate it with stamps, carving, letters or drawings.

Mosaic Memory Tile Crafts@Home Kit

If you live in Hereford City or it's boundaries, we can deliver a FREE Clay Mosiac Memory Tile kit. So that you can make this lovely activity part of your day at home, school or work. 

Each kit contains enough Stoneware Clay to make one 20cm tile, or up to 6 smaller tiles.   Along with instructions on how to return your finished tiles to us for kiln-firing.

At present, we can only offer kits to community and family groups or close neighbours. For a minimum of 3 kits, delivered and picked up from a safe location at one Hereford address.

If you are away from Hereford, you may wish to Sponsor a Tile or make your tiles in air drying clay. Following this Clay Mosaic Memory Tiles video tutorial, or by downloading our free worksheet. 

Thank you to everyone taking part, there has been a wonderful response, with over 100 kits delivered so far! 

Remember to share a photo of your tiles with The Big Skill on social media, using the tag #MosaicMemoryTiles so we can find your post.


In March 2020 we launched our 'Standing up for Peace Sculpture Project' at Saxon Hall, Hereford.


Then in July 2020, to mark and record our communities memories of lockdown, we began our 'Remember and Rebuild' monument.

Tutored by contemporary sculptor Rebecca Buck of Osprey Studios, workshop participants are exploring clay modelling.

With their thoughts on our themes of 'Peace' and 'Remember and Rebuild' being communicated through representative and abstract forms of special relevance to this local community and its social heritage.

Clay sculptures made during these community Workshops are inspiring and shaping the final architectural ceramic forms, garden landscaping and seating which will be placed at Saxon Hall on completion.

Rebecca has begun work on the full size Remember and Rebuild sculpture. You can catch up on her progress, by reading her diary, on the Osprey Studios website.

Working with Clay Workshop at Saxon Hall

Using clay is direct and easy - everyone can join in

Rebecca brought this third scale model of our Sculpture to Saxon Hall in mid-October. In early November, the Saxon Hall trustees approved the model design.

The sculpture will be 2.2 meters high and a person can stand inside the internal space. The 'plinth' (which will be flush to the ground) has a flowing spiral on it, radiating from the form, which

is 2 metres in diameter: our physical distancing space. 

In January 2021, we began sending out Clay Mosaic Memory Tiles Kits by post, to residents of Hereford City and boundaries.
Stoneware Clay tiles returned to us for kiln-firing will be installed in a spiral around the base of the sculpture.


We have made some small clay models that will be set into the surface of the sculpture. And we are collecting drawings and writing to put on there too. There is still time to add yours!

Sculpture Front View
Sculpture Front View

Clay model with adult and child figures for scale

Sculpture Side View
Sculpture Side View

Sculpture is 2m wide, our distancing space.

Sculpture Wondering Child
Sculpture Wondering Child

there is a flowing plinth inside which forms a seat

Sculpture Front View
Sculpture Front View

Clay model with adult and child figures for scale


Saxon Hall is a lovely Community Centre in Hereford that genuinely works to bring together a growing, diverse community. They have a beautiful, spacious garden tended with great care and skill by a range of volunteers.

Making a sculpture to celebrate the community was decided before the pandemic hit.

Our primary aim is that everyone involved will gain new skills, confidence, friendships and a sense of belonging. We are all getting good at doing that online these days because of the pandemic and lockdown.

Being online does make it quick and easy to exchange ideas and information to wider groups of people than might have been possible, with workshops held at Saxon Hall.

By pooling our ideas, art-work, research and images, our sculpture will have real relevance to the site. It will be a source of pride, status and inspiration. 

Everyone is welcome and needed including those who do not want to do hands-on art-work. Collecting local historical Archive photos and stories is hugely useful. 

Once the sculpture is ready, in the Summer of 2021, it will need people to help with the installation on-site and there will be a celebration and opening party to organise!

Proposed site for Peace Sculpture at Saxon Hall Hereford

Modelling your ideas in Clay

Rebecca Buck has made a set of posts on her website at Osprey Studios. Guiding you through forming ideas and sharing them through Clay Models made in a small, convenient size ideal for designing larger sculptures. Discover more by clicking a button.


How to send us your Designs and Feedback

Between now and July 2021, we still need copies of your research findings, writing, stories, sketches or photos of your ideas:

Use any materials, 2D or 3D, including writing, to work out your thoughts about Standing Up For Peace or Remember and Rebuild. You are also welcome to send us your designs for Mosiac Memory Tiles, to go around the base of the sculpture.

Send them to osprey.studios [at] btinternet [dot] com with ‘Saxon Hall Sculpture: Ideas’ in the subject box. Clearly label which monument your idea is for 'Standing up for Peace' or 'Remember and Rebuild' or 'Mosaic Memory Tiles'.

We Need:

  • images and short text from local history about Saxon Hall and the local area especially if it relates to Peace, local people and the community

  • short text like sayings, stories, memories that can be carved onto the sculpture's surface

  • images of drawings, quick sketches, diagrams, photos, your clay models, notes or any other artwork that can be used to inspire and inform the design of the Sculpture and Mosaic Tiles

Many of these will also be carved into the surface of the sculpture to inspire the hope and feeling of belonging that we know matters so much.

  • Think of the things that bring you comfort, where friends, safety, security and companionship helped

  • Or funny moments that brought people together

  • Or tender moments where you felt peace all around you

Peace is made of many factors and it can be elusive, even easy to take for granted. But we all know it and share the need for it.

The image shown below was done by local people, for a Memorial Sculpture telling the story of their Community.

Memorial Clay Sculpture by Rebecca Buck

"Join in with this very special project! Let's use our experiences of keeping our communities safe and well during this difficult and intense time to make an inspiring community sculpture."

Rebecca Buck, Contemporary Clay Sculptor, Osprey Studios.


We would like to thank Bulmer Gilmour Fund via Hereford Community Foundation for their support for our project launch. Funding applications to further develop this project during 2020-2022 are in hand. Please contact us for Sponsorship opportunities or offers of substantial individual Gifts.