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Our Services

We offer a range of services that provide people with opportunities to engage with rural crafts and skills.


1. Training Courses

We offer Agored Cymru accredited credit based learning OCN courses via ‘cictraining’ including Dry Stone Walling, Fencing, Hedge Laying, Basic Horse Care, Gardening, Cooking, Carpentry and much more.


2. European Training

Through the Leonardo Mobility Project, which encourages cross-European innovation and cooperation, The Big Skill offers 24 individuals the opportunity to work on an all expenses paid, rural placement somewhere in Europe.  The visits, from 11th – 23rd April & 3rd – 16th June 2011, provide a cultural experience to further develop a rural craft or horticultural skill, linked into an Agored Cymru OCN course.


3.  Festival Bookings

Book The Big Skill for your local festival and we can provide a hands-on rural experience, demonstrating a huge range of rural crafts, providing diverse stalls and offering locally produced goods.  Such crafts include blacksmithing, woodturning & sculpture, pottery, stonework, ceramics, saddlery, bodging, charcoal burning, glass flame working and much more!


4. Educational Workshops

We provide workshops and educational packs for schools and other community organisations, offering young people a hands-on experience of rural crafts including basket weaving, bodging, glass design, textiles, coracle making and ‘plot to the pot’ cooking.


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