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European Training


Euro Partners under the Leonardo Mobility, Grundtvig & Transnational

Last year we ran a rural skills mobility project with Qualo in Czech  Republic and hosted 10 young people from Europe via UNA Exchange who helped at the Big Skill at the Brecon Fringe & Gloria Flower Festival at Brecon Cathedral.

Wales has a rich heritage of professional craftsmen practising sustainable rural crafts like dry stone walling and woodland crafts.  We work to promote this heritage and the environmental and economic benefits it brings.

At the heart of the Big Skill lies the big Skill Festival – see www.therbigskill.com. The Big Skill Village is an active exhibition that moves around different sites and festivals and includes workshops and demonstrations about traditional activities. It aims to share knowledge about local crafts and skills and give people the chance to participate first hand.

We have started compiling a national directory of craftspeople on our website and also have also an accreditation framework for rural skills courses, via our Agored Cymru registered Open College Network Centre.






‘The Big Skill – hands on rural skills’ is a Leonardo Mobility Project designed to:

-Maintain & share rural crafts, skills and horticultural courses in Europe.

-Provide training, work opportunities & overall personal development & improvement of soft skills for the 24 participants.

-Develop of rural employment opportunities through the creation of enterprise, including healthy lifestyle initiatives & programmes using local produce & products.

-Create a European directory of rural crafts, courses and events. Develop the Big Skill.



Leonardo Mobility Programme

The Leonardo Mobility programme aims to increase mobility in Europe, increase cooperation of social enterprises and develop innovative practices.


Further Development

We are also working with providers in several countries on future partnerships-Create a vocational educational link between Western and Eastern Europe exchanging knowledge of traditional farming skills, preservation of rural skills, sustainable rural economies, ideas for farm diversification and the combination of new ‘green’  and traditional technologies.

-Provide training in eco-tourism, organic food production, permaculture, traditional occupations and crafts, straw building, bee keeping.

-Promote European (and Wales Agored Cymru Open College Network) accredited national qualifications in rural crafts and working training framework.

-Use the development of the accredited rural crafts to create work skills and employment opportunities, and respond to the needs of the local rural labour market (particularly of SMEs).

-Use the participation and presentation at Big Skill rural crafts festival to link into other craft events and festival via our training directory and website.