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The Big Skill Walking

 ….the story of a country, its crafts, and its people.

We are looking for partners and providers to bring the walks alive! You can choose to walk with us, perhaps host the venues, or provide the craft workshops. For more information, please contact us. We have two types of walk available…

A)  a ‘relay’ journey around Wales in which participants form a ‘chain’, swapping genuine craft items from their locality with the next person along the line. Each participant can travel whatever distance he or she chooses; the only stricture is that he or she must be at the meeting destination for the next person to make the swap. The emphasis is on useful items rather than on purely decorative pieces.

During the course of the ‘swaps’, the original item will of course be the final item and will be left ‘unswapped’, a symbol of the eternal endurance of crafts and the timelessness of the skills involved. Ultimately, there will be an exhibition of all the items that have made the journey, along with a day of demonstrations by the makers.

The idea was originally proposed by ’The Hedgerow Handbook’ author Adele Nozedar.

B) a BIG Skill member will host a local walk near their studio/chosen venue, followed by a workshop and shared lunch. Look out for more dates soon, or suggest your own!

General Information

From the creators of ‘The Big Skill’, this is a relay that will take place in the summer of 2014, with a 3 day pilot will be taking place in June. More information to follow.





Download the poster here:

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