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‘BIG SKILL – hands on rural skills’

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 We have made an application for funding and we will be looking to provide the following:-  

 1. Provision of local rural skills courses providing accredited courses for unemployed young people & adults and healthy outdoor activities for adults facing disadvantages; plus additional support into accessing work or training placement

 2. Train the trainers courses & accreditation framework for Rural skills providers, as well as course marketing & referral of participants and support for tasters at festivals and shows

 3. Community Benefit from environmental tasks being carried out local area, as part of the on site training courses; funding going into the local economy; new opportunities for participants to gain local employment; community task force.

 We will be asking prospective participants (in 2 age groups, under 25 and over 25): ‘Would you be interested in accessing a rural skills course as part of an employment scheme or as an ongoing placement?’                                                 


If, as a provider, tutor or practitioner,  you are, or would be interested in, providing an on site rural skills course or a taster session at a festival, OR be interested in hosting a rural skills task as part of an accredited course, in your area, please can you email us with your name, organisation/business and contact details, along with a brief description of what you could offer, to : events.bigskill@gmail.com